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Jun 6: Fall River by Dax
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Yeah the hex hatch has started on the Lower River. Next week should provide some insane fishing as the hatch starts to strengthen to fish that haven't been pressured much yet. You need to find them first, then pillage is on.
I had a ...
Jun 14: Fall River by Dax
Jun 15: Fall River by Dax
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Jun 17: McCloud River by Dax
Always a pleasure fishing The Mac. I had Doug from New York City today, and he could charge and fish well. We covered a vast amount of water and hooked many of the beautiful McCloud River wild red bands on various nymphs and drys. The mo...
Jun 19: Fall River by Dax
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I just finished up a few great days with longtime clients Mike and Sherrie Kennedy.  We had a pretty epic day on Fall River, consistently hooking fish with sinking lines.  Sherrie landed quite a few very large fish.  The next...
Jun 23: Fall River by Dax
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Jun 24: Fall River by Dax
I had a great day on Fall River today with Nelson and Nate from Cleveland, home of the soon to be injured Jonny Football, and possibly Lebron James. We had solid action for about 3 hours, and then things kind of shut down. We will head o...
Jun 25: Fall River by Dax
I had another awesome day on Fall River with Bob from Fresno today. He landed 4 fish over 18 inches and quite a few others. Fishing was good from about 9 to 1230 then it got tougher when the wind came up.

Hexing was epic last...
Jun 26: Fall River by Dax
Tonight Bob and I headed out in the driving rain to see if the hex hatch would happen, it did. We left at the quite sensible time of 8:15, so we did not have to sit in the wind and rain for an hour, or aimlessly cane the water. We starte...
Jun 29: Fall River by Dax
Fall River has been all over the place the last 3 days or so.  I had a great caster in Dianne Morell on a day where I had to bust out a down jacket and winter hat.  Fishing was tough, but she still got a few nice fish thanks to he...

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